Pack-A-Cone PRO Series PAC-512-30 Collapsable Cones (5 pack)

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Product Description

extended height:
30″ (75cm)
collapsed height:
2″ (5cm)
8lbs (3.65kg)
base dimensions :
15.5″ x 15.5″ (39cm x 39cm)
cloth material:
nylon oxford
base material:
solid rubber base
reflective component:
two retroreflective collars: 6″ (15cm) + 6″ (15cm)
candle power of collars:
500 cd/lux/m²
light source:

4 x LED 4600 mcd, 20mA
power supply:
2-AAA alkaline batteries (included)
battery compartment:
screwed with rubber gasket
1,000 ft (300m) visibility

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